We are your all-in-one digital marketing department – highly experienced specialists in strategy, advertising, search, social media and content marketing.


Our integrated marketing system combines powerful technology with engineering and marketing expertise to reach new customers, generate leads and improve ROI.


Most businesses put marketing channels in silos: PR, SEO, Advertising, Social etc. In reality they are overlapping and big gains come from integrating them together. The trick is getting all of these overlapping marketing channels and their respective technical details working together harmoniously… and profitably.


We’re a distributed company with 18 Alchemists in 6 countries speaking 7 different languages. What brings us together is technology: both literally as we use a range of software to stay in sync, and figuratively as we love keeping up with the latest trends in technology and business.


Digital marketing channels interact with each other in various ways and should be integrated to amplify your message and introduce cost efficiencies. Our famous ‘Icecream Cone’ Venn diagram illustrates our approach:

Ice Cream Cone Marketing
The design of your website reflects the strength of your brand: you need a responsive design and intuitive functionality to give customers confidence.
Pay per click advertising must be cash flow positive to make sense: we develop PPC strategies and optimise campaigns to maximise profitability.
Search engine optimisation is not black magic. Nor is it rocket science. SEO is a puzzle: comprising thousands of little pieces that fit together.
Social media isn’t just about talking to people, it’s about talking with people: interacting with customers to generate new business through word-of-mouth.
Email marketing is direct, low cost, timely, quickly implemented and solicits immediate action from loyal customers: which is why it’s still effective.
Attention is the first step of the AIDA principle: how can you get someone to take action if you haven’t caught their eye to begin with?
Next comes Interest: we’ve grabbed their attention, now we need to get them interested in what we are offering. How do we do this?
OK, so we’ve attracted their attention, got them interested, now we need to get users to want what we are offering. We have to generate desire.
Now comes down to the final step – action. The ultimate goal is to convert clicks into customers and this step is make-or-break!


The trick is getting all of these overlapping marketing channels and their respective technical details working together harmoniously.
WEBSITE We leverage content on the website as the core and streamline workflow across all channels to amplify your message.
SEO Continually publish pages for search engines to index; and publish on other websites to increase the popularity of each section of the website.
PPC Compete via price auction for top positions on search engine results pages, employing conversion tracking to refine according to return on investment.
SOCIAL Connect with guests using social networks to develop online communities; and engage with your audience to generate a viral word-of-mouth response.
EMAIL Make regular contact with customers via newsletters, triggered events and surveys asking them for feedback, building strong relationships.


We view your website as a sales funnel: evaluating every page on how well it’s performing its primary directive of turning clicks into customers, otherwise known as Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Learn how Ministry of Villas grew to become one of Asia’s premier luxury travel brands within 3 years.

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It takes a long time to be the best at what you do. The ten thousand hour principle holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field.

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