We are an elite digital marketing team: highly-accomplished experts in strategy, advertising, search, social media, video and content marketing. We create campaigns with impact and tell stories that connect.

We are an efficient execution machine: an extension of your creative team who execute your strategies, leveraging digital technology to amplify your message and scientifically measure results.



It takes a long time to be the best at what you do. The ten thousand hour principle holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field.




Chief Epic Officer

Alastair has been at the forefront of digital marketing since the late 90’s: he has launched, managed and consulted to hundreds of companies. Al is a powerful strategist who combines strong management and technical experience to map a creative business vision.



Chief Operating Officer

Sanayaima lives at the bleeding edge of digital marketing: keeping up with fast-paced industry, identifying and commercialising new technology. San is a dynamic leader and mentor who inspires individuals to strive toward ever-higher levels of achievement.



Chief Technology Officer

Prince can build anything. Literally. We're talking websites, apps, programs built with C++, C#, CSS, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, VB, XML...etc. When once asked whether a (difficult) problem can be solved he answered simply 'yes, anything is possible'.



Chief Marketing Alchemist

Khushboo has over a decade experience managing and training teams. Her experience spans 25+ verticals giving her a wide lens to align business objectives with marketing strategies. Continuous learning ensures her strategies are ahead of the pack.



Strategy Alchemist

Agata is a master of strategy, communication and merchandising. She has led million-dollar projects that span POS, product development, market analysis, competition analysis, price strategy, web development, graphic design, product design and 360° media.

Sean Ob


Design Alchemist

Sean is one of only a handful of official Woo-Workers recommended by WooThemes, the makers of WooCommerce. In other words, Sean is regarded as one of the best WordPress designers in the world and after we show you his work we're sure you'll agree.



Social Alchemist

Navjot is a software engineer with a love for social media: she has an incredible understanding of the algorithms that drive consumer behaviour and spends her days optimising websites, media, posts and analysing interaction to get the most out of every pixel.



Content Alchemist

Tatiana starts with a blank canvas and writes hundreds of pages of content... before breakfast. As a former fashion model you'll also recognise Tatiana when she appears on the other side of the lens, working with husband Alberto on media projects.



Media Alchemist

Alberto is a professional photographer, videographer, director, editor and drone pilot. He is a creative genius and works tirelessly until the creative project is completed to absolute perfection and all parties involved are completely satisfied.

Sean Mc


Technology Alchemist

Sean is a polymath: he served in the US Navy, has lived all over the world, and is currently pursuing his third masters degree while writing and shooting virtual reality (VR) as well as promoting the revolutionary potential and adoption of blockchain technology.



Network Alchemist

Yvonne specialises in network building within social media platform LinkedIn. She can take someone from relative obscurity to superstar status through optimisation of profiles, contact outreach and fielding endorsements.



Brand Alchemist

Sara runs Ministry of Villas: she knows the value of a brand and evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of disciplines including: advertising, direct marketing and social media. Sara is a master of combining them to provide clarity, consistency and impact.



Accounts Alchemist

Ruth is Wonder Woman with numbers: she'll solve a sudoku puzzle before you can say 'how much did that cost?'. She accounts for every Dollar, Euro, Pound, Rupee, Rupiah, Yen and Zloty that passes through Alchemy's treasury.

Alchemy is the unstoppable force of online evangelism and marketing – if you need a team who will work tirelessly (even manically?) toward a requirement – look no further. I can safely say they are in a league of their own.

Lucas Gunn, Console Group

Alastair is a true pioneer and professional when it comes to online media and marketing. His depth of high level global experience, tenacity and sense of humour prove an excellent combination to achieve great results on any given project.

Yvette Adams, The Creative Collective

Alchemy are industry experts, they keep up to date with all the latest developments in a fast moving environment. The team provides well structured advice and can organise and deliver successful campaigns on time and on budget.

Andrew Robinson

Alastair is an enigma of the digital world! As an absolute master of online marketing, he is a forward-thinking individual and a true inspiration. He taught me half of what I know without even realising it and I am extremely grateful!

James Congdon